Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday - 08.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

Promotion of women owned products under Kusuri Mane

Kusuri Mane

Kusuri mane was established in January, 2019 to provide a permanent common market place for women entrepreneurs, artisans and manufacturers. It aims at providing products to the customers at the manufacturing price.

Kusuri’ - meaning craftsmanship, - thus ‘kusuri mane’ meaning - ‘house of craftsmanship’ provides an encouraging platform for the budding women entrepreneurs to interact with the consumers first hand.

  • Kusuri Mane is a market place for handmade, homemade, fresh-made, local-made and also rural-made products.
  • We are proud to say that we maintain eco-friendly and plastic free (single use) zone in Kasuri Mane
  • Promote #Vocalforlocal
Activities promoted at Kusuri Mane
  • Encouraging Women (both rural and urban) to start own business ventures
  • Capacity Building and Mentoring for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Funding the Unfunded
  • Centre for learning new skills for revenue generation
  • Creating awareness on Financial Literary
  • Kusuri Mane – a Market Place: One-Stop Centre to showcase and market products produced by Women
  • Waste Management and Creating Wealth from Waste
  • Actively operating in 10 Districts of the State
Kusuri mane shelters about 50 different women entrepreneurs.
  • Terracotta earthen cookware and jewellery
  • Chennapattana toys
  • Recycled and upcycled cloth bags
  • Ready apparels from women designers
  • Handmade jewellery using metal and fabric
  • Chemical free cosmetics- soaps, scrubs, gels, serums, bath powders
  • Homemade food products - pappad, pickles, snacks, spices, cold pressed oils and ghee, ready to use food breakfast mixes

It was started with a very few women entrepreneurs initially, today, with over 50 entrepreneurs and in excess of 100 products - the turnover is increased from 30,000 to 3,10,000 per month. ‘Kusuri Mane’ aims at increasing the range the products in all categories.

Skill development program on:
  • Using bullrush grass to make beautiful artifacts
  • Candle making workshop
  • Paper bags making
Way Forward
  • To enable more and more women to promote their products under Kusuri Mane
  • Bring in more such market places in North, East and West of Bangalore, Hubli, Tumkur and Belgaum.
  • Encouraging membership to all women entrepreneurs