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Import substitution under the Banner Utpaad Samuh

Utpaad Samuh

Many products are imported from China and other countries affecting Indian industries. This excessive transformation took place especially from year 2005 and onwards.

The reason for the import is many, it may be pricing, Govt policy, Technology, mass efficient production, govt support in those countries and so on…

  • IMS Foundation and LUB has initiated a programme to counter the import and encourage manufacturing some of the products that are viable to produce and market here in India.
  • The products can be manufactured by individual MSMEs, or a group/ cluster/ consortium formation in the states.
  • It has formed a group to initiate import substitute product manufacturing in our country called - UTPADAN SAMUH.
  • In the state, we need to form groups, teams in different product segments. From each group, one person shall have the responsibility of coordinating with the team to identify the products which are commercially / technologically viable for manufacturing in India.
  • A project report with product statistics and import details like annual quantity/ value of import / Market potential/ technology requirement/ equipment required/ investment required/ number of people employable/ market study report shall be prepared.

This can also be done for contract manufacturing OEMs, where many MSMEs together shall form group and produce the product and supply it to the OEMs